The I AM LOCAL site launched on the 13th of November 2009


Working with artists across the region Club Shepway have produced an online mapping service for South East Kent.

The I Am Local mapping service provides a free online creative index and social network for artists, venues and organisations across the region. The map is a live online resource continually growing and expanding with new information and listings.

In conjunction with its online site I Am Local will be distributed as a paper version at key venues throughout Kent, defining the growing network of arts culture and becoming a valuable resource for arts development and audiences both locally and nationally.

Club Shepway invite creative individuals, arts groups, organisations, fanzines and events organisers to plot themselves onto the map contributing to the diverse creative network across in the region. So get on line and start plotting.

The identity of the I AM LOCAL project came through the solution to the application problem. I had to produce a map that plotted galleries, events, shops related to contemporary art across Kent. The map would have to be informative as well as an item that could be used to promote the service.

By squaring the canvas and then dividing the number of items by the square root of page I created a very flexible grid for expanding the map as time went on. As more services are added to the map the squares shrink and the patterns become denser.


Over the time the project hopes to expand to more of an online social presence allowing those involved with the map to collaborate online.